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Japan Mag Famitsu: 今世紀最高のディフェンスゲームに出会いました "Defender of Diosa"==Defender of Diosa, a New kind of TD Game== “Defender of Diosa” is set in a fantasy world. It is a tale of two Diosa (goddess). You, the General of Kingdom of Phoenix, swore to protect Diosa Ada(Chicken) in her battle against the minions - goblin hordes of her archnemesis and sister, Diosa Iris (Snake). To keep a promise, you lead your armies and use the goddess’s power to defeat the enemies, earn gold coins, upgrade your parties and craft citizen into the ultimate battle force! Features: - 7 Jobs (Citizen, Infantry, Archer, Magician, Knight, Axe Warrior, Assassin) - 2 Game Modes: Adventure, Quest Mode - Over 66 upgrades in shop - 2 levels of difficulties -...