Aleksey Taranov Published Applications :

Ride your motorbike like a champion.Collect stars to get extra scores.Drive as fast as you can to be the 1st.
Jet Runner was removed
You are the garden defender!Defend your gardens from hungry animals using apples, tomatoes and potatoes as you aim and shoot in a bid to feed them away from your plants. Aim well and receive medals...
Uncover Tomato was removed
Laser Device was removed
Gold Man is a PacMan and BomberMan style game.It is about brave treasure raider, who is crazy about all these things. Try to help him to stay alive and make money.You have to collect all items in...
Help the Xoni to survive in its dangerous world.Catch the creatures in traps limiting their movement.Free up minimum 75% of the area to pass the levelYou will lose a life if:- Xoni encounters with...
Help the Prince to defeat the Dark Wizard.Explore different locations and collect gems.Buy magic items to complete your mission.
Elite Tanks 2 was removed
Try to remove all balls and clear the field.
Control the gun and shoot the bubbles.Bubbles can stick to the top border or other bubbles. If bubble hits side borders - it will change direction. If you attach 3 and more same bubbles - they will...
Fairy Pearls was removed
Mummy Jump was removed
Defend areas against enemy missiles and bombs. Your gun has two kinds of arms: - usual shells (for missiles and bombs) - guided missiles (for bombers)To launch guided missiles - touch a bomber.
Put tubes of the same color to make squares.Created square will disappear and you will get a score.You will get additional score for speed of creation.From level to level number of tubes will...
Collect the diamonds and avoid the monsters.You have to collect all the diamonds to exit the level.Stones and diamonds can drop and kill you and monsters.
Bubble Dragon was removed
Play the real Mahjong puzzle game. Match up traditional Mahjong tiles until all of tiles are gone in this authentic Chinese style board game. Unlock new levels and zoom into the field, speeding...
Asteroid Wars was removed
Deep Search was removed
Play domino against your computer and take the victory.Player and computer get 7 domino tiles.14 domino tiles are placed into the base.Player who has smallest double tile (1:1) starts first.All...
Find the exit from a labyrinth.Control the ball with the accelerometer.Get higher score for the less time.
Defend the base from the enemy intruders.Place the guns and destroy enemy units.Upgrade your guns to resist the onslaught.
Defend the base from the cyborgs.Use a laser gun and powers to kill them.Upgrade your weapons and powers.
Bricks Destroyer was removed