CyberAgent Inc. Published Applications :

Ameba (previous) was removed
Japanese Celebrity Photographs was removed
Blackjack by COINPLAZA was removed
girls pic was removed
Post about a variety of topics on Ameba Now! Get the latest on news reports and celebrity gossips, and check out practical tips on dating and diet columns! Stay ahead and keep up with the hottest...
VideoPoker by COINPLAZA was removed
This app can brighten your day!With girls pic, you can arrange your own photo lovely with more than 1000 frames & stamps share your creations with everyone.[Features]- Arrange your favorite...
You can publish blogs to Ameba- The blogs can be published easily- Using Ameba pictographs- Saving your blog article drafts offline- Editing the blog article by acquiring the article list- Keeping...
mogg by Ameba was removed
Ameba's new smartphone-centric blog, Simplog, is a new take on the blogging experience.  Combining the simplicty of Twitter and the capabilities of a blog, you will be able to record your life...
You can chat and have communication with your friends in Ameba Pigg with "piggtalk".(Only available in Japanese)
Coinpusher by COINPLAZA was removed
šOne and Only PIGG's cooking gamešYour original PIGG avatar opens its own kitchen!!One and only PIGG cooking game from Ameba.Collect more than 500 original recipes and serve your guests!!Try to...
Vegetable Panic was removed
Mirucho is new community application of your monologue.
dramapic was removed
applitteiine was removed
no3b's official app was removed
ポケモー。-ハロプロ公式アプリ- was removed
[!!This application is all in JAPANESE!!]This application is Monster Card Battle Game.
芹那公式アプリ was removed
平野綾公式アプリ was removed
SuperPaints was removed
きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅのウェイウェイアプリ was removed