Qbot Industries Published Applications :

More Creatures Mod Demo was removed
More Creatures Mod was removed
Mob Health bar mod was removed
GunCraft was removed
This is the best Block launcher mod for Minecraft Pocket EVER!!! It adds 50 plus creatures , 3 new ores , metores and more foods and swords!!The Donate version has 10 more creatures no ads and has...
MoreMobs Donate Version was removed
this mod adds buldozers ,planes,tanks and cars!!! You can now: devastate small buildings, Rip up land like never before(up to 3 blocks tall), Fill in holes up to 20 blocks deep. Now you can...
TooManyOres Minecraft PE Mod was removed
This mod adds Ore Zombies to your Minecraft Pocket game you must follow the install guide!!!!!
Haunted Gravestones (MCPE MOD) was removed
This Mod adds 100 different Mobs to Minecraft pocket edition! ! Including horses!!BEARS!!BIRDS!!RABBITS!!CROCODILES!!BEES!!ORES SPIDERS!!FISHING!!ELEMENTAL CREEPERS !!MOBS THAT DON'T DESPAWN!!3...
Instahouse Mod (Mcpe 0.13.0) was removed
Face View Mod Mcpe!! was removed
Have you ever lost your house in Minecraft Pocket or even lost your way in a set of caves ??Well now you can have a easy fix for that problem! !With the new mini map mod for Minecraft Pocket! ! You...
Using this app and blocklauncher you can alter your Minecraft Pocket game to make it even more EPIC. Now you can blow a creeper up as a creeper Morph into any mob in Minecraft!!
Qbots Minecraft Pocket Mods was removed
You need to follow the install guide video in the app.this mod adds the ability to craft Wool Armor items.you need Blocklauncher Pro for this app to work.
This app allows you to downgrade your current version of BlockLauncher and its counterpartthis app requires you to already have Mcpe installed inorder for you to downgrade.
This mod requires ether Blocklauncher Pro or free it allows you to chop down trees instantly with a axe !!no more annoying leaves floating in the air!!!
You use blocklauncher to add more colored glass to your Mcpe.there are 10 new colors and you find them in the creative inventory.watch the tutorial video to learn how to install!