snissree Published Applications :

Cricket Championship game was removed
Crazy Nails : Aim and shoot was removed
Crazy Cow was removed
Creation Cake was removed
Create a Ride was removed
Cosmetics Workshop was removed
Crazy Haunted House was removed
Cake Creation 2 was removed
Cottage Escape was removed
How To Make Crazy Cupcakes was removed
Click on the traveler to make him stand on the bridge, click on the arrow to make him/her cross the bridge. Only one traveler can hold the lantern at any given time. Only two travelers can cross...
Crazy Beavers was removed
Critter Cannon was removed
Counterstrike Training Area was removed
DAILY LIFE was removed
DAILY LIFE 2 was removed
No wonder clients keep flooding into her fantasy, candy colored cupcake store: they all look so yummy-lovely. Make those clients' sugared fantasies come true! Give your clients what they...
Get rid of all your cubes by clicking consecutively colored ones so they disappear and let the ones above drop. Clear out the cubes as they advance towards the top of the screen by furiously...
Cute Mirror Girl Make Up was removed
cyber chatons was removed
widen your knowledge by collocating these lovely pictures. Quickly align 3 or more of the same objects horizontally or vertically by clicking on two adjacent game pieces to swap their positions....
dachser was removed
Everyone likes to eat your cute burgers! So get ready for another busy day at work, serve your customers with the best cute burgers and earn a lot of money. Use the money to buy stock and upgrades...