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GO SMS pro - IOS7 theme screenshot 1
GO SMS pro - IOS7 theme screenshot 2
GO SMS pro - IOS7 theme screenshot 3
This theme emulates the ios7 ios 7 i os seven apple New operative system.this theme works ONLY with go sms pro. Don't you have it?Download it from the play store FREEThis is the best theme inspired by ios7 theme foro GO SMS PROTo apply the theme [for GO Chat]:1. Download IOS7 Theme GO SMS Pro free from Google Play2. Download GO SMS Pro free3. Install and launch GO SMS app3. Press the right button to display the options and press "theme4. Press the tab "Installed"5. Touch the IOS7 GO SMS ProSmoke was modeled on the smoke from the fire.Remember that marijuana and smoking mary jane may be illegal such as drugs or drug use in some countries. Try out this green, yellow and red theme of white and gray smoke and...