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HP 49G+ 50G emulator for android.YOU NEED TO LOAD THE ROM FROM INTERNET TO FULLY USE THIS CALCULATOR, see later in the description how to do that.- Full memory, port 0, 1 and 2.- ROM 2.15 support (you have to download it yourself, see explanations)- Automatic save and load of state (ram and flash).- HP49G+ like skin or HP50G like skin.- Landscape or Portrait mode.- Multi touch keyboard support, permits 'shift' down while pressing another key (ON+C, even ON&UP ... are ok).- Load/save to/from stack level 1 support (only object in IRAM).- Speed from x1 upto x10 (max depend on your android device.- HP82240 compatable printer as serial printer (touch right part of calc lcd) (in PRTPAR, set length of line as 23 or 24...
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