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Experience various functions exclusively offered by LG G2. With LG G2 Emulator application, you can experience the highly excellent LG G2 functions like on the real LG G2.In addition, you can participate in the event when you get the 6 coupons by completing the 6 features of LG G2. You can win prizes such as LG G2 through a lucky draw.Experience LG G2 today with your friend!- Emulator of LG G2’s unique features : You can now experience 6 signature features provided by LG G2, on your phone - KnockON, Slide Aside, Guest Mode, QuickMemo, Capture plus, and Clip Tray. - User tip videos : You can watch tutorial clips for LG G2 features - KnockON, Slide Aside, Guest Mode, QuickMemo, and Capture plus, OIS Camera,Voice Mate,...
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