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Get ready for some milky, fruity fun – with Milkshake Maker!Make milkshakes with real fruits and a score of other ingredients. Place a chocolate bar in a strawberry milkshake or add some vanilla ice cream to a mug of banana milkshake, there is so much you can do when making milkshakes in Milkshake Maker. Decorate your milkshakes with things like edible umbrellas and palm trees to make them more visually appealing.Milkshake Maker isn’t just about cold, creamy, yummy beverages. There’re several add-ons to choose from to satiate your hunger as well, ranging from baked croissants to; the undisputed king of fast food cooking, burgers. We’ve even got a crazy popcorn and milkshake combo for the most die-hard milkshake fanatics.Making...