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Monkey Fall Benji Bananas is full of Benji Bananas Adventures. Hardest game of your life. Tap your way to glory? Try it at your own risk. Tap tap tap :)An Angry Monkey like a son of King Kong is hunting for falling Benji Bananas for his intense hunger. Monkey wants to enjoy the Jungle Adventure but Bananas are his weakness and he can't stay for long without Benji Bananas. Monkey Fall left and right jumping quickly to catch the falling Benji Bananas, like a Racing Game Play. Son of King Kong, the huge Monkey, needs your help for that to Play Game. This is a quick game to play for few minutes to have a fun.See who will stand firstHow to Play:1) Move your Finger left and right to move Angry Monkey.2) Catch the falling Benji...
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