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Proenium PGE-1 config utility screenshot 1
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Proenium PGE-1 config utility screenshot 3
This application allows to setup the Proenum PGE-1. See for details.Features:* Select a new firmware or upgrade the existing one: You can select a firmware from the list, and send it to PGE-1 easily and safely. A robust algorithm prevents errors, even if the process is disrupted for any reason.* Let the PGE-1 know what analog sensors have you connected:Using our APP you can select your sensor from a list, and this configuration will be automatically sent and stored on PGE-1. In the case you want to connect a sensor not present in the sensor library, you can insert manually its technical data.* Inspect your device info:In this section PGE-1 information is displayed, such as Unique ID,...