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Skate Parkour Mania Free screenshot 1
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TRY OUR SKATE PARKOUR MANIA GAMESkate, skate, skate !! The city is yours, for a day you can roll and jump everywhere, get on your skate and go as far as you can ! It's a friendly competition but you kinda wanna win, the skate mania festival is only once a year, The whole city is cheering for you. There's special coins all over for you to pick up, go as fast as you can but be careful not to fall or bump into a flower vase or park bench. There is cool graffitis everywhere, it's a beautiful day, the sun is shining bright, the road is clear and the tournament is about to start, you got your best skate from the IDF shop, the best shop in town. Controls are simple, tap the screen to jump, a small tap for a small jump, the...