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Tetherfy(WiFi Tether w/o Root) screenshot 1
Tetherfy(WiFi Tether w/o Root) screenshot 2
Turns your Android phone into a free WiFi Hotspot - no rooting or tether plan required.IMPORTANT NOTE:1. This just enables the hidden Wifi Tethering which is hidden on certain phones provided by carriers.2. It MAY NOT work with certain phones or certain carriers if they block such feature.3. PLEASE do not give us bad review if it does not work with your phone.MIGHT NOT be compatible with HTC myTouch 3G Slide, DROID RAZR, Droid 2, Droid X, Bravo, HTC Thunderbolt, EVO 4G, Photon, Rezound, Inspire, Samsung Epic, Intercept, Prevail, LG Thrill, Esteem, LGE Bryce, Casio Commando.It supports most Android phones, including the lastest Jelly Bean devices. You can connect from any computers or tablets or even game console. Access Point...