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  • The chromecast icon was fixed at last
    Now it deserves the other four stars!!!!!
    Ángel Félix over 6 years ago
  • Random disconnect after update.
    Love my pebble since I have it (2 years by now), last update ruined it. Disconnect about three times a day, need to restart my phone every single time. Please fix it. Htc m8
    Ángel Félix about 5 years ago
  • A must have
    Works perfectly on my HTC one x
    Ángel Félix almost 7 years ago
  • Amazing
    This time isn't that short as the first one, really enjoy this game. I highly recommend it
    Ángel Félix over 5 years ago
  • Asome
    Ángel Félix about 6 years ago