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  • Good one
    Good stable game, keep updating with so many adventurous levels, try to keep it alive, unlike updating once in a blue moon, make graphics not to consume more battery
    Krishna C. over 8 years ago
  • Good app
    Plz no more adverts, remove them at any point of app insider and update monthly with all the new drugs and education points, once again well appreciated if u remove the adverts for this to become world class application
    Krishna C. about 9 years ago
  • Worst
    Can't send a msg to Indian numbers bloody idiots can release this app in America and restrict in India waste fellows
    Krishna C. about 9 years ago
  • Superb
    Fantastic and if u can develope the fluid UI and less battery consumption
    Krishna C. almost 9 years ago
  • Modi Modi
    India got Modi..fied
    Krishna C. about 9 years ago