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  • Love it
    I love not having to use all my brain power to view pics. This is simple & enjoyable. Love it!!
    Lisa Lewis about 5 years ago
  • Awsome
    Love mixing test tubes
    Lisa Lewis about 5 years ago
  • Hate my live and I hate u guys on here u drink agahol u can kiss it good buy byby do not ever get on u r phones or devises
    Lisa Lewis over 4 years ago
  • Coooool!! :-)
    I love this, its very cool and it works perfect:-)
    Lisa Lewis about 7 years ago
    Its good if i need to add some thing to my picture i can and its really fast i think its really fun and i hope the people who download it have a good time with it and there are so many things u can do to ur pictres like sticker upgrade it it really cool i love it so i hope the next person who downloads it will have a great time
    Lisa Lewis almost 6 years ago