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  • Excepcional !
    Rodolfo Valiati almost 7 years ago
  • Great idea
    But does not work properly with sview cover. Any ideas, developer ?
    Rodolfo Valiati about 6 years ago
  • Ótimo app
    Só poderiam fazer compartilhamento com o Deezer, além do Spotify e Rdio. O Shazam tem. Acabo usando mais ele.
    Rodolfo Valiati over 5 years ago
  • O
    Rodolfo Valiati about 7 years ago
  • Much, much better than free version.
    But I would like custom time set to fastforward and bakward. The app just has 20 seconds available. The widget is useless. Make something like doggcatcher widget and you go to five stars.
    Rodolfo Valiati over 7 years ago