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  • Great game!
    Xin Jiang about 6 years ago
  • Love the family, but the game is boring
    Graphics and sounds are good, but the game model is too old fashioned, requires too much of time to take care of the land, another non-stop tapping game… Love the Croods.
    Xin Jiang about 5 years ago
  • just perfect
    works really well! when there's phone call comes in, it automatically mute the pc, well done!
    Xin Jiang over 5 years ago
  • android L上不能用
    快改改吧 据说是因为侵占了根目录的关系,去,回自己文件夹里去。
    Xin Jiang almost 5 years ago
  • Was perfect before full screen ads
    It works well for its purpose. It's convenient to be able to track the buses and look at the schedule. However, the new full-screen ads are really annoying! I understand the need for ads, and I won't mind spending a few dollars on a good app, but having random ads popping up every time I scroll through the schedule or view the map is no fun - it's so frustrating to redirect back to the app from accidental clicks. Please fix that because it interrupts the experience so much.
    Xin Jiang almost 5 years ago