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An adorable character, Watame, introduces simple and cute game that everyone can enjoy!★★How to play★★Let's go on an adventure to the star where Watame lives.Operation is very easy.All you need to do is tap screen when you think "it's now!".Timing is the key to earn extra sweets as rewards.【There are three levels depending on how many sweets you get】One sweets ⇒ BadTwo sweets ⇒ GoodThree sweets ⇒ GreatIf you get sweets at the all stages, something good might happen ?!*Hint*・You can tap anywhere in the screen!・at the stage 1-1, let's try to sneak sweets without the chef knowing it. ・You do not know what happened? Play repeatedly and discern!** about Watame **Watame is one of the characters from the Japanese...