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<< Don't Tap The White Tile 4>> have 27 kinds (23 + 4) well-designed game modes. A day to meet your gaming needs. [Game] This is a very simple and extremely playable puzzle game, black or colored pieces can click on the screen forward. Note Do not touch the white pieces, there is a danger of a red lump oh. [Game Features] 1.27 kinds of exciting game modes. 2.87 kinds of colors. 3 simple playable, all ages. 4 beautiful piano sound, dozens of classic songs, such as your deduction. 5. extremely smooth operating experience. [Section] wonderful presentation mode 1 Battle Mode: under a high with a good friend on the same phone or tablet. 2 Hell Mode: 6 rows of hell mode 6, you need two means and use. 3 Lightning Mode:...
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